Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My sister-in-law is a pretentious snob who wears designer clothes, drives the latest model car and has a house in a snobby part of our town and everything she owns is charged to the house mortgage.

Her husband, my brother-in-law, is in debt allowing her to live her dream.

He is now demanding that his parents pay off his mortgage as he says this money will come to him anyway when they die so why not earlier!
They are in their early sixties and both are in perfect health.
And they will have to take out a mortgage to cover their son’s mortgage.

They are considering it, as they want him to be happy.

My husband has tried talking to them but they refuse to listen as they are blinded by their devotion to their elder son.

What’s your opinion?


Aunty S responds:

Oh my giddy Aunt Betsy.

Your in-laws would be foolish to bail their son out of debt as it is highly unlikely the marriage will survive hence the daughter-in-law will walk away with half the value of a debt free house which of course is their money.

Their son, Mr Dimwit, will also make a financial gain and  I can’t see him returning the money to Mum and Dad anytime soon.

As you have explained the family lawyer is a trusted friend so take the initiative, ring him, and tell him what’s going on.

If he can’t make them see sense, nobody can.

Thank goodness you married the common sense brother. I’d be kissing the ground he walks on and baking him his favourite cake everyday if I was you.

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