Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

I am a widow and am so lonely.

My adult children live in Australia and they have asked me many times to move over to be close to them as they live in the same State and my son has a granny flat that is mine if I want it. They all own their own homes and have good jobs.

My work colleague tells me not to be so silly as they have their own lives and that they are only asking me to go as they feel obligated and I would only end up being a nuisance.

What should I do?


Aunty S responds:

Oh what a little treasure your work collegue is!!!!!

A nasty woman who is obviously jealous of the fact that you have such a wonderful family and furthermore her crystal ball is inaccurate!

Your three kids sound lovely and they genuinely want you near them. The fact that there is a Granny flat is such a bonus.

You sold the family home a while ago when you first thought of going but of course that move was put on hold because of you believing the nonsense spouted by your work colleague.

Life can change in a heartbeat as I very well know and we can either sink or swim and some days it is very hard to keep swimming, as we just want our old lives back.
I know the sadness my darling.

I live harmoniously with my three adult children so I know it can be done so book your flight and start a new life in the land of Australia.

I wish you all the best.