Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My 16 year old teenage son has been driving drunk and  when I tell him to stop this behaviour  he  either ignores me or tells me it’s none of my business.

He goes out with his friends most nights.

I am so frightened that he’ll kill himself.  And it’s actually my old car that he drives.  He knows not to drive my good car so I am grateful for that.

What do you suggest I do?

Aunty S Responds:

He won’t get it out of the garage with four flat tyres!

Or ask the local mechanic to immobilize it.

It’s your car and as long as you don’t claim the insurance,  you can legally set it on fire in the back paddock if you like.  “Obviously when there isn’t a Fire Ban on”  Or  better still smash it to smithereens.

Or phone the Police and tell them he’s driving whilst under the influence and let them deal with him.

Imagine seeing him and his mates lying in coffins and then the realization hits home that you could have done something.

Backbone,  my dear,  is what is required in a situation like this.


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