End of season 2014

Sandra Hobbs Orchard

Derrick,Ruby, Me & Sam – June 2014



Sandra Hobbs

Me -1955

Another Fruit Season has come to an end.

A huge thank you goes out to all our wonderful customers and friends once again as your custom ensures we will still be here next Season.

With Winter upon us and I’m way too old to prune these days, I will be back into my blog soon.

And check out the photo of Sam, Ruby and I, taken last week.

Yes there is an extra. Some of you will recognize Derrick, our family friend, as he has stayed with us for a few months now. He has a sense of humour similar to Sam’s so there isn’t dull moment in our household!

Family and friends is what it’s all about folks and how blessed and fortunate I feel to have both.

Take good care of yourselves until next Season and to those who stop in for a coffee during the Winter and Spring months; we look forward to your visits.
Yes there is some that refer to these visits as a ‘piddle stop’.
This is a term that is lost on the young; not my kids of course as they have grown up with the older generation terminology; thanks to Alex and I as we were both thirty-seven when Sam was born and forty when Ruby came along.
I can still see the joy on Alex’s face when the kids were born. Miss you dreadfully my darling.

And to Roy (Firecracker Fred), now residing in a very comfortable ‘Old Folks Home’ many thanks again for the pile of Horticulture/Gardening books you dropped off when you visited with your son a week ago. How can you be 94 Roy?

We love you to bits and value your friendship.

See you next season old mate.

The friendships that have been made throughout my twenty three-years here on the Orchard and the fact that the kids have grown up with a great number of fine ‘old’ folk who have made such a difference in their lives, means everything to me……good old-fashioned knowledge and wisdom; the way it was taught to the young in days of old.

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