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Dear Aunty S

Your bullying and cyber bullying postings helped us understand our son’s predicament and how to assist him as he too was lied about on Facebook and at the local Hotel. Nobody stopped for a minute to ask whether it was true and gullible friends who should have known better ostracized him.
Our son was ill with worry over it and didn’t know what to do as the Police said it was a civil matter.

After reading your postings we advised him to record all phone calls, save TXT messages and my brother-in-law put up security cameras around his rural property.

Because of this, the bully has now been found out to be the thief and liar he is but this doesn’t take away the dreadful hurt we feel for our son.  How do we move on?

Most have apologized and he is okay with them but we are elderly and are still very upset over how he was treated.

This bully hasn’t stopped making trouble and is still very threatening and intimidating towards him but now that he’s been proved to be a liar and a thief our son is okay as he knows this man’s credibility is shattered.

We are so happy our son is fine with it.

Bullying was so different when we were kids as it was more of a kids’ thing

Thanks again.


 Aunty S responds

I am glad my postings have been of assistance.

Your devastation is only natural but time will take the edge off the pain…trust me.  Try and focus on the fact that you helped your son beat the bully!!  Pride is something you should feel.

Of course there will be those who you will never speak to again as is your right. I’m in a similar situation.

The bully has been caught out hence he is still acting irrationally by trying to further intimidate your son, obviously hoping he will retaliate so the bully can appear to be the victim!!!!!!

Remember a bully loves drama and will do anything for a reaction from their victims and from the audience they are trying to convince.  Of course your son is aware of this as he still has the security cameras in place.   A very wise man.

And it’s very hard for us oldies to understand the mind of a modern day bully.

When we were kids at school we knew to stay away from the bully at all costs.

There were two kinds of bullies…….one kind would bash the living daylights out of us and the other  would lie  till the cows came home to get us in trouble.

The latter would often use a selected handful of ‘stooges’ to spread lies about us for more impact.

The modern day bully has Facebook…..oh yahoo…and  hundreds of ‘friends’ who can help do their dirty work!

Stooges are still utilized if the bully is anxious to reach a wider audience.

Not retaliating and using modern technology right back at them will always win through in the end as you are aware.

Take comfort and be proud of the fact that your intervention ensured the vindication of your son.

Well done you two.

Keep in touch.

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