Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S 

I fell madly in love with a man just over a year ago and he moved into my home, which I share with my three young children.
I was told by a trusted friend the other day that he is telling his mates, including her husband,  that he’s only with me to get half my house which is mortgage free and will stay until he can do so.
Apparently he’s been to a lawyer who has advised him.
I have noticed he’s changed over the past few months and wondered why.
There were so many tell tale signs that he doesn’t love me but I thought as he was staying we would be alright.
He has never contributed to the household expenses and now I am worried about losing my home.

What should I do as I am really confused?

Aunty S responds:

Oh my darling girl.
Take a long hard look at your darling children and you will know what decision you must make!
So many women lose their homes because of slimy men.
Your husband trashed your life and mind and then you allowed the first person that sweet-talked you into your life.
This is a mistake so many women make so don’t beat yourself up about it.
Tell him to leave but do it with your trusted friend and her husband at your side, as you will find he will turn verbally nasty.
They always do when they are found out.
What a weak spineless miserable sod!!!
You are a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother and furthermore you have a great job, which is such a bonus as so many women are trapped in poverty when a marriage breaks up.
Trust me, Mr. Right will turn up one day.

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