Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My son is being bullied at school.

I spoke to the teacher and she smiled and told me it is a two-way tussle between them so she was not going to intervene.

I now find the teacher and Principal are best friends with the bully’s parents.
I have also been told by another teacher at the school that its a not a two way tussle and that the bully was moved to this school after he was asked to leave another school because of his bullying but as she is junior to my child’s teacher she is unable to intervene.

I don’t know which way to turn as the bullying is affecting my son terribly.

He isn’t sleeping, wetting the bed, is jumpy and begs me to let him stay home which is sad as he has always loved school.

The lies this bully has spread about my child are so cruel.

I feel so guilty because I really don’t know where to turn.

What should I do?


Aunty S responds:

Make an appointment to see the Principal today and calmly explain your annoyance at the Teacher’s response to a situation, which is obviously very serious.

If he refuses to intervene, remove your son from the school immediately and enroll him in another school by tea-time.

You could, of course, take this matter higher but after reading additional info supplied, this avenue is not an option so I checked out your area and have sent you the name of a country school which isn’t very far from you, which has an excellent Principal and wonderful caring Teachers.

Sadly there will always be a few bad apples in the Teaching profession but thankfully the good outweigh the bad.

As you are aware it is your responsibility to ensure your son receives an education in a safe environment so I am very proud of you asking for advice as far too many parents take a back seat and expect their youngsters to sort out bullying issues themselves which is an impossible task as a bully isolates and goes in for the ‘kill’ when they realize there is no support offered to their prey.

Both verbal and physical violence, intimidation and malicious lies are all weapons used by bullies.

You are a wonderful mother so keep up the good work my dear.

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