Ask Aunty S

askauntys2Dear Aunty S

My sister wants a tattoo and she has found a man who will do it for her as he works from home and does it cheap but  he is disgusting and dirty and I don’t know what to do.

My sister is thirteen and our parents wouldn’t actually  know about the tattoo because she is getting it on her back.

Should I tell them?


Aunty S responds

My dear boy you are a wonderful, caring young man.

If you can’t talk her out of it, please tell your folks.

They must stop her as she is at risk of a disease or two!

Actually I am frantically writing as your email scares me.

A friend of mine many years ago contracted a bloodborne disease from a backyard tattooist whilst another woman I know had a severe allergic reaction to the dye used.  Actually there are many stories I could relay but I think you get the picture.

In the news today we see all the young folk proudly showing their tats.  What we don’t see or hear about are all the ones that went tragically wrong.

Show your sister my response.

I am quite happy to email her more info on the subject if she likes.

Keep being a protective brother.