Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

I have a problem with my sister who keeps trying to set me up with her girlfriends.

I am a bachelor and not interested in finding a girlfriend as my work keeps me happy.

How do I get her off my back?


Aunty S responds:

What a wonderful sister you have as she genuinely believes you will be only be complete with a girlfriend/wife in your life and she is determined to find you one!

Of course she is wrong, as you are happy being on your own.

Take her out to dinner at a posh restaurant and after you have fed her, tell her that you love her to bits and that she is the best sister in the world but then be both firm and kind and tell her very gently that you will find somebody when and if you feel the need for a girlfriend/wife/companion so she need not match make any longer!

Remember not many men have such a wonderful devoted sister so please don’t get angry as this will simply devastate her as she has always acted in what she assumed was your best interests.

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