Pete’s Bread Baking

Last night I received an email from ‘Pete’ and I’d like to share this with you.

On Xmas Eve morning he decided to bake four loaves of beer bread as he was inspired by my blog.

He purchased the beer from his local Pub and the bread tins at his local Hardware store.

What could go wrong he thought!

Little did he realize his wife had accidentally sabotaged his baking efforts by stirring in four tablespoons of instant yeast as she was convinced the recipe wouldn’t work without actual yeast.

As he waited for the bread to cook, he heard the smoke alarm beeping.

He raced into the kitchen to find a burnt mess on the base of the oven as all his bread had overflowed!

His wife then confessed what she’d done and sheepishly cleaned the stove for his next attempt.

Thankfully he had purchased extra beer for Xmas.

Beer Bread and Clam chowder was enjoyed by all on Xmas Eve as it was a very chilly evening in his part of the world.

It was good hearing from you Pete and I definitely will be posting more recipes for you to try out during 2014.