Christmas/Boxing Day

Grateful thanks for all the Xmas messages and wonderful blog feedback via email.

As the fruit is ripening fast I will, for a short time, have very little spare time to update my blog so there will be little short posts from now on.

I have caught up with my Aunty S column privately and in the New Year will post some of them.

So many wonderful folk are happy to share their ‘worries of life’ so as to assist those who may be in a similar situation.

No worries though if you want your letter to be kept private.

Life is a hard old journey but with the caring and friendship of others the journey can be a gentler ride.

Thank you so much to all the Aunty S contributors.


We enjoyed a lovely Xmas day with friends. The day was mostly spent watching funny movies as it was so wet and miserable outside so sitting in the over sized ‘paddling’ pool was out of the question!

And I was so looking forward to wearing my new togs…just kidding!


Yesterday we had a photography afternoon whilst Steve and another friend visited with many good shots of the local wildlife captured so perfectly.

A couple of them walked into my photos with me having no clue they were even there!

That’s what I love about high definition cameras, every detail is captured and when filming a movie the sound and clarity is most impressive.

The ability to take a movie or photo of a weasel from at least 150 yards away is amazing.

They can taunt but they can’t hide!

One of our many cameras is able to define detail through gaps in bushes, which is fantastic!

Oh my goodness, I sound like a salesperson for Canon!

Sam and Ruby have me hooked!

To think I introduced them to photography all those years ago and now they have introduced me to ‘high definition.’  I have retired my trusty old ‘high tech’ camera for one of their ‘fancy ones.’

Hasn’t the world come along a wee way since the ‘box brownie’.

The weather is supposed to improve today with a high of 24 degrees. Yahoo!!!

I can hear the fruit ripening as I write.

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