We are building up to the 2nd Anniversary, on Xmas Eve, of Alex’s death.

Memories flood back to his last weeks with us and as to how our lives have changed so drastically since his passing.

Time makes it easier to cope but there is something about Anniversaries as no matter how much you prepare yourself, they still blindside you!

We will love and miss him forever.






IMG_303723/12/13  Thanks Joyce and Henry. Your friendship means the world to us.






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5 Responses to Alex

  • T:

    You are so right Sandra. Anniversaries evoke feelings one thought were buried well and truly.
    On the ninth year Anniversary of my Mothers death, I couldn’t get out of bed and cried off and on all day. I was okay the next day though.
    Thanks for sharing how you feel. As usual you are thought provoking.
    You will meet me this year. I am the one with the mass of red hair.

  • Paulina:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Anniversary of Alex’s death.
    This is exactly how I feel when my husband’s anniversary comes around.
    I keep my sadness to myself because so many say that I should be over it.
    I wonder how they will feel if they end up in my situation??

  • L.D:

    Two years since Alex passed away.
    How he would be so proud of Sam managing the place. What a job he does.
    Ruby being his tiny second in charge is wonderful. You have such a wonderful family.
    I often drive past and see them out working. They make quite a team.
    A young version of Sandra and Alex from all those years ago.
    I love your blog and I agree, you are thought provoking. It’s a good thing as we can get too complacent in life and need a kick up the rear every now and then.

  • Paulina & Mike:

    I miss Alex’s smile. He always made us so welcome at your Orchard and went out of his way to help when my husband broke his leg and I was struggling with PYO fruit.
    Alex set up a deck chair for my husband to sit in and he helped me pick.
    And he only charged us the PYO price, even though he did most of the picking.
    We have never forgotten his kindness.
    We enjoy Sam’s flickr page and now read your blog Sandra. You entertain and inform.

  • Sue & Family:

    Big hugs from us all on the 24th.
    I still can’t believe Alex is gone.
    Love you all.