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Dear Aunty S

I don’t want any advice but would be grateful if you would print my fathers story.

Within weeks of my elderly mother’s death, my father was inundated with offers of meals from both separated and widowed women.

As he was financially comfortable, it was pretty clear what they were up to as personality, charm and looks were not on his side. In fact he was a grumpy man with no friends as his temper always got the better of him.

One woman worked on him continually and much to my surprise he arrived at my house one evening to say he’d married her after knowing her three months.

He then transferred his home and holiday home and bank accounts into joint names.  The Bank, Accountant and Lawyer all tried to talk him out of it.

She walked out on him a few months later and he is now financially ruined

while she is a very wealthy woman and there is nothing he can do.

I am so angry.

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6 Responses to Ask Aunty S

  • O.C.:

    You are not alone with your anger.
    My father was widowed when he was relatively young and a solo mother zoomed in on him with home baking and a shoulder to cry on within weeks of Mum dying.
    She moved in with him after a few short months and they married soon after.
    She too has control over all money and assets and we never see our father now as her family has taken over.

  • Margaret:

    A predator man preyed on my mother when Dad died.
    She was so sad and he always seemed to pop around when she was at her lowest point. I later found out he would phone her on the hour obviously working on her.
    He moved into her home after a few months too and took over.
    He bullied her into putting her bank account in joint names and within another few months he’d drained the account and disappeared to Australia.
    She is in debt now and can’t even afford the rates on her home.
    She is humiliated and refuses to leave the house.
    I do all her shopping and soon the house will have to be sold and she will move in with me.
    She is only in her sixties.

  • Natalie:

    My father was widowed and a nasty old woman who had his wealth in her sights preyed upon him within weeks of my mother’s death.
    He then married her in secret after a very short while and refused to have anything more to do with his family. Her family became top priority.

    After a year she moved onto a wealthier widower and left him broken hearted and poorer.
    He was such a scrooge with my mother yet he showered his new wife gifts and holidays.
    I will never forgive him and believe he got his comeuppance.

  • Fraser:

    My widowed mother’s life was ruined a year after my father died.
    She was happy being on her own as my wife and I are only a couple of streets away.
    Unbeknown to us a man from one of her clubs who was separated from his wife started spending time with her during the days. The next thing we knew he had moved in with her.
    I did a check on him and found out he was a gambler and his wife had left him as he had squandered all their money.
    My mother wouldn’t listen as he was a smooth talker and insisted that his wife was the gambler.
    Of course it didn’t take much time for her to realize the truth but it was too late as he had stolen from her.
    Her savings are completely gone.
    She is depressed and ashamed but is able to stay in her own home as my wife and I and my sister can afford to financially assist her.
    I feel guilty that I didn’t keep a closer eye on her.

  • Nigel:

    Your story sounds like mine.
    A cunning woman fleeced my father out of his life savings too.
    He now lives in a flat attached to my house, crying most days as to what a fool he was.
    We told him but he wouldn’t listen.

  • Mark:

    My widowed father married a manipulative drunk not even a year after Mum died.
    Two years down the track he is now an alcoholic like her.
    He never touched a drop when Mum was alive.
    My father makes me so wild as his money is going fast down the drain and I can see once it’s gone she’ll be gone and I’ll have to pick up the pieces.