Cyber-bullying 1

Oh my giddy Aunt Dora, we are being cyber-bullied on Facebook!

By a middle-aged couple!

And I thought this was the domain of teenagers.

How wrong was I.

We aren’t actually worried  as I am a firm believer in “what goes around comes around.” and it hasn’t failed me yet and I’m in my 60th year!

Of course not all their Facebook friends will believe their lies.

Some folk will think to themselves, “this doesn’t quite make sense”

or “Hey your story is changing”

or “This is a cruel attack”

or “I’m not interested as I know you are a liar and troublemaker from school days so heaven help your new victim”

or “Why do you have the need to tell hundreds of  acquaintances this obvious load of rubbish and it appears  you are trying really  hard to make it sound believable?”

And then there will be others pressing their finger on the “like” button or better still, writing in the “add a comment,” box something nasty enough to make the middle-aged couple smile with delight so that they then press “like!”.

Oh my giddy Aunt!

Most of my friends are on Facebook but none of them would ever intentionally hurt someone on this social network site.

If my adult children ever involved themselves in defaming someone on Facebook, I would die of embarrassment.

Well actually I know they wouldn’t as they have brains.

As I am not on Facebook, I would never have known  we were being cyber-bullied if some Facebook ‘friends’ of the middle-aged couple hadn’t rung/ emailed/ visited to warn us.

I must add that some were very distressed whilst others were just simply disgusted.

I asked how they became Facebook friends with a couple who have such a bad reputation for ‘unkindness to people’.

“She sent a friends request and I didn’t want to offend her and I knew they would get nasty if I refused.” was the response from most.

How sad is this!!

Now back to the subject of cyber-bullying.


What a cunning way to mass send a lie or defame someone.

If a nasty person has 300 friends (oh my giddy Aunt, they call them friends when they are acquaintances in most cases) this means they can reach a wide range of folk in a short space of time.


How on earth do teenagers cope!!

Please parents, if your child is being cyber-bullied, step in and sort it out.

PLEASE don’t tell them;

“Stick and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you.”.

I’d like to throttle the person who invented this saying.

Utter rubbish!

With a stone you can throw it back or run like mad!

Names destroy your soul if you don’t have a good support network and friends who know the truth as we do.

Check out their school as old-fashioned bullying often occurs prior to cyber-bullying these days.

Talk to the parents of those bullying your kids.

Most will be mortified.

Hug your kids; tell them they are the most wonderful human beings in the whole world!

Each and every day tell them you love them, even if you have to shout it out as they are walking up the path on their way to school.

Show strength in numbers if your child is cyber-bullied.

A friend took her whole family to visit the parents of a cyber-bully in a small town in the South Island of New Zealand.

The bully had such a shock at her support network she was a timid mouse at school the next day!!

Try any tactic you can think of to assist your teen.

If the local Policeman is approachable, approach him.

You may be surprised as to what solution he can work out with you.


Let’s all make an effort to stamp out cyber-bullying.

The first step is not to ‘like’ and the second step is not to feed it along by adding your own comment.

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10 Responses to Cyber-bullying 1

  • J.T.:

    Thanks for this on cyber bullying. Powerful bullying is able to be achieved with a press of a button which is something I wasn’t aware of. I will be keeping an eye on my kids from now on as I heard them talking about this recently and didn’t catch on to what they meant.

  • Barbara B.:

    Hi Sandra

    I doubt very much they would have bullied you if Alex was alive?
    You and the kids have certainly coped with a lot since he died.
    I will be up to see you in the New Year.
    Stay strong.

  • G&S.M.:

    Hi Sandra
    We were shocked to learn that you are being cyber-bullied.
    You simplified so much about the topic so many thanks.
    Is there anything you can do about your situation?

  • Owen:

    Hi Sandra
    I was the victim of theft and when the people were caught, they turned it around on me and cyberbullied my whole family. We lost friends over it and it took many months before the truth came out. The old friends are not welcome back in our lives.
    Stay strong which I know is difficult but the truth will come out eventually.
    Liars always create their own demise.

  • A.S.:

    Hi Sandra
    My daughter was being cyber-bullied as well and the girls involved were just as nasty as their mothers.
    I went to our local Policeman and he went to girls’ fathers and the cyber-bullying has stopped. They are still nasty to her at school but she can cope now as the Policeman gave her such a confidence boost.
    Thanks for writng about cyber-bullying as I am sure it will help others.

  • S.P:

    Hi Sandra
    Try reporting abusive posts to Facebook as that worked when I was in a similar situation.
    A business rival wasted so much time and effort trying to destroy me and he nearly did as he drove most of my clients away.
    He was caught redhanded in the end when he took it to the next level which was Facebook and his campaign of hatred started making people question his motives.

  • S.:

    Sandra you are being more than cyber-bullied, you are being cyber harassed!

    They are chucking everything at you and obviously hoping something sticks.
    I would find it hard having all those lies written about me so how are you and the kids coping?
    Alex told me years ago what they were up to and now they are running scared and throwing up a smoke screen.
    Let me know if I can help.
    Don’t worry about the hags who write comments supporting them, they have nothing better to do.

    • sandra:

      Thanks for your concern but we are fine.
      I never thought you would find my blog!
      Yes I know we are actually being cyber harassed as this is continuation on from the social harassment/intimidation/ bullying they have bestowed on us for quite a while now.
      Don’t you worry about us.
      Answer my email or come and see us or turn your cell on!!!!!!!!!
      What are you doing in the computer age??
      P.S. The hags, as you so adeptly put it, don’t worry us.

  • Pete's Mum:

    Sandra, my son was cyberbullied or harassed or whatever it’s called.
    He is older like you and couldn’t believe what was written about him on someone else’s Facebook.
    He only found out months later when his best friend finally told him.
    This horrible person had hundreds of friends and their Facebook friends believed their lies and wrote comments and “liked” just like in your case.
    As it was a civil matter and not a Police matter nothing could be done.
    They actually accused him publically of doing something criminal which he didn’t do. He thought that once people knew it wasn’t a Police matter things would die down.
    He was driven from his home and after he’d gone people started realizing that it wasn’t true what they were agreeing with as how come the Police didn’t charge him if it was a Police matter.
    They were all lied to.
    My son will never forgive those who sided against him and he is happy where he is now.
    I hope you and your family will be OK.

  • Mike H:

    I like your humorous way of writing .
    I follow your blog for a bit of inspiration and I’m not disappointed.
    It is thought provoking stuff what you are saying about cyberbullying.
    I like most never gave it a second thought until now. I will keep a close eye on my family as my eldest boy mentioned something a while ago.
    I was a 1960’s child and I remember getting a pen pal letter from someone in America and my mother ripped it up as it was obscene an abusive so I suppose that was the equivalent to cyberbullying. At least back then it wasn’t sent to hundreds of Facebook friends to humiliate me.
    Thanks again.