Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My son wants to leave school and work fulltime on the farm where he works part-time after school and weekends.
He is only sixteen.
I have told him he has to stay in school until he is eighteen as he has failed all his exams so needs more time there.

A concerned Mum


Aunty S Responds:

Oh dear.
You may not like my answer as I’m on your son’s side.
From the added information you have given, you should be proud he has a job to go to.
What a fine responsible young man he is.
He is hard working with a strong work ethic and doesn’t drink or smoke and furthermore is going to live at home as the job is only five minutes away.
So many young men at eighteen haven’t a clue what they want to do when they leave school even after passing their exams!!!
Be proud of him, as I know you are, hug him tight and set him free to follow his dreams.
You have raised a fine young man.

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