Morning time

Our early cherries are only a few weeks away as are early spuds.

Of course this is all dependent on the weather.

I may have mentioned before that all growers require ‘nerves of steel’ as we are at the mercy of the elements.  Hail, gale force winds and torrential rain can ruin everything in a matter of minutes.

The alarm clock rings at 4:30am as there is much to do on the Orchard.

The bird scarer (Big Bertha)   is turned on at 6am just as the birds are deciding ‘what’s for breakfast?’ and at 6:30am Sam and Ruby head away thinning.

Long days but they are young and fit and love the work.

Great news!  I will be sixty years old in November next year so have time on my side to organize my pink hair streaking kit and black lace clothes which I intend to wear from sixty on.

A wee bit like the Queen Mum is the look I am aiming for but without the pastel colours.

A friend gave me a black chiffon scarf in preparation of the big day.

Another gave me a black lacy blouse that her Granny wore which is simply gorgeous.

Alex would always smile when I talked of my fashion plans for my sixties and he would be so proud that I am carrying on with said plans.

rose border