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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S:

My mother is in the early stage of dementia and as we are very close we’ve decided she should come to live with me now as she is very lonely and living together would solve this issue and then I will be her caregiver when she eventually requires one which the Doctor has assured us is a long way away. My dominating older sister wants to put her in into a Home now and move into her house. She has Enduring Power Of Attorney and she has told me I have no rights. My mother is devastated.

My Mum wants to go to Court to have the Enduring Power of Attorney overturned and my sister has told her she cannot do this, as the document is legal and binding. Do you think a Court would side with my sister?

My sister has already given notice on her rented house as she will be moving into Mum’s as soon as she moves her into a Home which is only weeks away.

Mum only gave my sister EPO because she is the eldest child and my father was old school and instructed my mother to do so even though she wanted to give it to me.


Aunty S responds:

What a little treasure your sister is!

Good news though; no need for Court my dear as your mother has only recently been diagnosed and with no major mental deterioration occurring as yet, she can cancel the Enduring Power Of Attorney.

Make an emergency appointment for today with your mothers Lawyer and you girls tell him what your sister/daughter is up too and I am sure he will set the wheels in motion immediately. He can email your sister a Revocation of the EPO as soon as your mother signs it.

Enjoy your life together and ignore any backlash from your sister.

She is a bully and the best way to treat a bully is not to engage, as that is what they want. Trust me, I know.

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I’m back!

The temperature dropped to 1 degree last night!

But the good news is that a high of 29 degrees is predicted for today.

Yahoo….. As long as it doesn’t get into the thirties I am a happy Sandra.

It’s now 8:30am and the fog has burnt off and the sky is bright blue.

What is it about a blue sky that makes one smile? Or is just me!!
It’s coming up three years since Mum died and a decision has finally been made as to what to do with her bedroom.
Enough time has passed for me to feel comfortable sitting in it which I knew would eventually happen.
I’m not a believer in rushing things.
“If in doubt, do nothing.” has always been one of my mottos.
Actually I have many mottos!
So I now have a ‘garden room’ which is my hideaway where I can sit and tap away on my Mac, reflect on life, read a book or escape for some quiet time.   The double glass doors open up onto a private part of the garden, which makes it such a peaceful spot.
The quail, fantails, bellbirds, and every other garden variety of bird entertains me with their general frolicking, through the shrubs, trees and flowers.
The quail are becoming very adventurous; even coming up to the open glass doors.

I often have company, as Lugs has decided she loves this room too.
She knows fully well not to gaze too long in a bird’s direction or I will growl at her firmly. I must admit she has heard the words “bad pussycat” many times.
If she does happen to cast an accidental lengthy gaze in a birds direction, guilt sets in and she will run off and catch a rabbit and deliver it to me whilst trying to tell me in cat language, “I really am trying to curb my natural instincts to kill every bird on this Orchard. Sorry Sandra. Here’s a present as I know I can kill these little suckers. Aren’t you proud of me. Rub my belly.”

Many of you have asked if I could put some up to date photos of my garden on my blog so here they are!   I will post more of them later.



















Us three with our friends Gisela and Gaby. We haven't seen Gisela for over 6 years so we had a wonderful catch up.

Caught up with our German friend Gisela who we haven’t seen for many years. She brought her friend Gaby out to New Zealand with her for a holiday.



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