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Ask Aunty S



Dear Aunty S
My best friend is having an affair and expects me to cover for her when she meets up with him, which I do.

Her husband is really nice and is being driven mad with worry that she is cheating again.
He came round the other night crying asking if she is having another affair.
She promised last time she would never do it again.
I lied to him but my husband caught on I was lying.

He is now furious with me as my friend’s husband is his best friend.

He says if I don’t tell him the truth, he will.

What do I do?


Aunty S responds

It was bound to end in tears my dear.

Your friend should never have put you in this position so the answer is quite simple, tell her to come clean or you will.

Yes your friendship will probably be over but who needs a friend like that.

If she runs away with this new boyfriend, make sure you help your husband look after her husband as he obviously is in a lot of emotional pain.

Over and out.

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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My Doctor put me on Prozac and sleeping pills the day after my husband died and now I feel I have lost control of my life.

I have been reading about grief and now realize what I am experiencing is a normal part of grief and as I never suffered from depression before his death I wonder why he was so keen to put me on pills because I am starting to realize all I was displaying was signs of shock and grief.

Should I still be sad after a year and what do you think of tranquillizers?

I have tried to wean myself off the Prozac but to no avail as I get anxiety attacks which I’ve never experienced in my life before.

I have started taking the sleeping pills every third night and I am actually sleeping better.

What is your opinion?


Aunty S responds:

Of course, my darling, it’s normal to feel sad a year down the track.

There is a huge difference between grief and depression.

Yes, some who grieve end up terribly depressed because loneliness takes over and sometimes those around them are insensitive to their needs.

And often financial hardship destroys the way of life they have become accustomed too hence depression sets in.

But you were handed these drugs the day after his death!!!

Give me a break!

You’d never had a depression day in your life and he hands them to you!

I could understand if you were prone to depression but you weren’t!!

Go back to your Doctor, with a trusted friend by your side, and tell him you want to come off Prozac and you require assistance.

Furthermore tell him how you are already weaning yourself off the sleeping pills and sleeping better when off them.

Talking, crying, reminiscing, are all part of the grieving process; as well as sadness, anger, fear and loneliness.

Grief is a long journey.

It is coming up three years since my husband died and there are still moments of deep sadness I have to contend with.

This is the price we pay for having happiness taken away prematurely.

Of course there should be a rule that a husband and a wife should die at a very old age together so as not to leave the other behind, but sadly this isn’t the case.

The info I have sent you on grief is the material I found the most helpful in coping with all stages of grief.

Keep me posted my dear.

I am only a click away.

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Ruby’s 20th


My gorgeous daughter Ruby turned twenty on Saturday and my MacBook crashed the same day hence I haven’t been online to tell the world how proud I am of the young woman she has become.

We had a wonderful day of celebration even though the cherries wouldn’t stop the ripening process hence it was still a work day, which made Ruby happy as it was a distraction from the reality that her Dad wasn’t here to celebrate this milestone with her.

Birthday Wishes came in all day from home and all around the world for my ‘under five foot’ darling.
The phone calls, txt messages, emails, E-cards, Facebook messages, all completed her special day.

The night before Ruby’s birthday, under the cover of darkness, our lovely friend Kirsten popped a pressie in the letterbox before decorating it as well as the fence.
What a wonderful surprise for Ruby when she went down the drive with Sam at 6am the next morning to turn the bird cannon on.


ruby birthday












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