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More on Bullying

Even though ‘bullying’ is discussed more and more these days I’m afraid there is still a minority who assume it will never affect them or their families.

A very sad father, who rang me during the weekend, admitted he was part of this minority until recently when his son revealed to him that he was being bullied by a work colleague whom he had caught stealing.

Over a period of days it escalated, with the bully intimidating and lying about his son so as to counter the truth should the young man report him to Management.

The bully went, as far to tell the young man, even his own father wouldn’t believe him by the time he had finished with him. His threats were frightening.

Thankfully he recorded this on his cell phone.

As a bully will always try and isolate his or her victims, this cell phone recording gave him the courage to approach his Dad for help as he had started to doubt whether anyone would believe him.

To cut a very long story short this situation will be sorted within the next day or two.

Many folk assume, bullying is a young person’s game.

How wrong they are.

Older bullies have power because of their age, as they are more likely to be believed.

One must tread very carefully to expose the older bully/bullies as they usually have quite a history of bullying under their belts and are well and truly experienced in the art of lying and manipulating the truth.

But it can be done, trust me.

We all must take a stand against bullies regardless of their age or social status.



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I am not sexist!

Oh my giddy Aunt – Roger Sutton is sexist – what does this make me!

I have called everyone darling or dear as far back as I can remember.
Never once I have thought it to be patronizing or sexist.

I touch folk on the arm.

I admire a lovely dress.

I admire all Harley Davidsons and their owners. (usually men)

I speak to strangers with the word darling or dear popped in somewhere along the way.

When I bump into tourists I usually ask, “Are you darlings enjoying your holiday?”

“You are looking exceedingly handsome/beautiful today.” This greeting is for elderly friends who are inflicted with some terrible ailment.


“Oh darling you are so brave to bungy jump.”

“What a darling family you are.”

“I love your hair colour darling.”

These are a few examples of my inappropriate behaviour but I think you get the picture!

Does this make me a sexist or patronizing?

Has the world gone crazy?

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My twenty-third Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow with my 60th the very next day.

Both sadness and happiness have descended me as I wish Alex was here but happiness as I have the most wonderful family in the whole world.

Because of my mixed emotions, I asked Sam and Ruby if I could have a quiet weekend as I figured they had something planned.

They understood but I knew by the look they gave each other they were not going to let the weekend pass without some sort of fanfare.

And I was right……the past two weeks has seen numerous packages arriving via Andy our Rural Mailman.
He must be well and truly over rocking up our driveway when he couldn’t fit said packages in the letterbox.

And then late this afternoon Ruby asks if I could pick up a wee package from Pinder Motors as Pat from Transworld was dropping off said wee package!

Oh yes Ruby it was wee!!

The most glorious bunch of pink, red and white flowers from Stems Florist in Alexandra was awaiting me.

This of course was given to me early but the rest I shall receive on Sunday.
A parcel from our darling friend Katrina also arrived today addressed to Ruby which I am guessing is for me as Ruby whisked it out of my hands very quickly.
Good hand movement Ruby!

So much has happened today.

Thanks to Linda and ‘Thunder birds are go’ for the card.
I smiled all afternoon.
You are a wonderful family and that goes for the oldies too.

I’m already in bed so tomorrow I will post a photo of my flowers.


Ruby and Mum


Sam and Mum



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Ask Aunty S



Dear Aunty S

My problem is with my husband who drives drunk all the time.
He has been banned from the local hotel but now drinks at a friend’s house at least three nights a week.
His parents have begged him to stop driving when drunk as I have and our friends have too but he won’t listen.
I am scared he will kill himself.
What should I do?


Aunty S responds

My dear I wouldn’t be worried about him being killed; I would worry about the innocent lives he could take out!
As he is a belligerent man you need to take drastic steps.
Ring the local Policeman and tell him what is going on and as to when he’ll be on the road next.
Problem solved.
He will definitely lose his Drivers Licence.
He can still tootle about on the farm using his tractor and farm vehicles so your income won’t be affected by his inability to drive on the road.
You are not alone with this problem and it took great courage to write in.
Keep strong.

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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My son’s girlfriend has told me not to visit as my son doesn’t like me but doesn’t want to tell me so.
I cried for days until I told my other children and discovered she had told them to stay away as well using the same reason.
We know it’s a lie as we are a close family.
Our son/brother has been asking us what’s wrong because we don’t visit and we’ve all evaded the question because we don’t want to upset him further as he really loves this girl.
She moved in with him after three weeks of knowing him and he’s never had a live in relationship before. I know we have to tell him the truth before she destroys him and our family but how do we go about it?

Aunty S responds

This is more common than you think my dear.
She is a very manipulative girl who needs to grow up but from experience these kind usually don’t as they live for drama.
She needs to be exposed.
And your son has a right to know what she’s up too. He has lived with madam for five minutes so isn’t too emotionally tangled up with her as yet so strike now and tell him.
Call a family meeting, excluding the little witch, and calmly tell him what she has said to each of you and then apologize to him for not telling him sooner.
Of course he will be broken hearted but he’ll get over it with the love and support from you all.

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Sheryl requested an eggless homemade ice-cream recipe made with condensed milk so as to reminisce her childhood so here it is:

condensed milkHome made Ice-creamcream

½ can Nestle sweetened condensed milk

600ml cream

       1 tspn vanilla extract


Put the condensed milk, cream and vanilla in a large bowl and whip with an electric beater until thick and fairly stiff.

Spoon into an old ice cream container or small cake tin.

Cover with plastic wrap or foil and freeze until firm.

When ready to use; if too firm, let stand on the bench for about 10 minutes.

Then serve with a fresh fruit salad or bottled/ tinned fruit.

It doesn’t taste like bought ice-cream but is a delightful alternative.

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More on Beer Bread

I have been asked again as to which is the best beer to use for Beer Bread.

Classic Steinlager is what I have great success with but I use Pure Steinlager these days as well. It all depends which brand is on special! Although there are some brands I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole as they taint the bread in my opinion! Stick to the Steinies, you can’t go wrong.

And if Great Aunt Mabel assumes because you have a pile of empties at your backdoor you have turned to the demon drink, explain it’s for bread and if she argues, cut her a slice, butter it and throw on a hunk of cheese, slices of pickled onion and salami.
Trust me she will be won over and will never assume again you are drinking the stuff.
Hey not that it would be a crime if you were!

She will be racing down to Super Value for her dozen of booze so she can prove she can make an even better loaf of bread. Yahoo ..bring it on…

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I received an email today from Oscar asking for a homemade peanut butter recipe so here it is.


                                        HOMEMADE PEANUT BUTTER


peanuts cookedraw peanuts         

500gms of raw peanuts

½ teaspoon sea salt

peanut oil or olive oil if you prefer




Put  roasted peanuts in a food processor and turn it on. Pulse if need be. Don’t panic you can’t go wrong.

Then add the oil slowly but carefully through the feed tube.

Blend until the mixture is consistently creamy, adding a little more oil if the mixture is too dry.

Add the salt and process for a few seconds more.

Spoon peanut butter into sterilized jars and store in the fridge.


How to roast peanuts:

Heat oven to 180 degrees or 160 degrees Fan Bake.

Place peanuts in an oven pan and roast for about 10 minutes or until until golden brown, then remove.

Tip them into a shallow bowl and the rub peanuts with a paper towel to loosen skins and take outside and blow in the wind.

Wait until totally cooled down before making peanut butter.

Note: I only make peanut butter on windy days.

Peanuts in the shell can also be used but patience is required as it takes forever to shell!!!!!!

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windy day

What a windy weekend!
Sam tells me we only suffered one casualty; that being a Roxburgh Red tree.
Of course there is a pile of little fruit on the ground but as he hasn’t started thinning, the problem isn’t as great as it could have been. A true blessing.
The winds are picking up again today but a cool change is on its way, which will probably bring a bit of rain and zero is predicted for tonight.
We could do without another frost! But not the end of the world if it does eventuate.
One must have nerves of steel when in the Orchard game.







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