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Look what flew into our backyard yesterday at lunchtime!
Ruby saw it land and Sam took the photo.

NZ Pigeon at Hobbs Orchard!!

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No excuses

Far too many parents make excuses for their children’s bad driving so it was a welcome relief to read the following article …. a mother’s raw account of how she felt after her son’s near death experience.

Her story brought back the memory of when I listened to a heart broken father whilst he made excuses for his son’s bad driving even though it was obvious he knew his son was at fault.
This poor man chucked every excuse out there as to why his son rolled his car. …. wet weather, loose metal,  etc.
His son didn’t have a scratch on his body whilst his passenger, his best friend, was badly injured but to the credit of this young man he took full responsibility by stating the obvious; he had been driving erratically and was there every step of the way whilst his friend recuperated.
They are still best friends to this day.

Now back to where I started, this woman’s account took me back in time and I shed a tear, not only for her and her boy but also for my friend’s son and his best mate.
How fortunate these boys are to have a second chance as many do not.

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