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July 3






Here’s a couple of photos of the Mount Benger mountain range opposite the orchard on the other side of the Clutha River.
As you can see a good dumping of snow has covered the top.
Snow fell all over Southland and Alexandra yesterday but decided Roxburgh wasn’t worth snowing on!
How unfair as I really wanted a snowball fight.
This morning we have awoken to a zero morning.
Sam has just gone out pruning; Ruby is feeding the chooks and then will be off to dig out clumps of grass from underneath the trees in the apple block.
Aunty Belle is enjoying a late breakfast with a smile on her face as she watches the cat basking in the heat of the kitchen wood range.
Lugs has her face only a millimetre of two from the glass door!!!
How she hasn’t singed her whiskers, I don’t know.
Even though zero is a mild temperature for Winter, I  will not be venturing outside!!
I am too old to suck  cold air into my nearly sixty year old lungs!


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