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21 July

We awoke to a good dumping of snow on the Mt. Benger Range.

It’s 3.8 degrees at present so not too cold  BUT the wind chill is a different matter so I won’t be venturing outside anytime soon.

Sam is hard at work but he’s young and fit so he has an obvious advantage.

Ruby is in the tunnel house preparing seed trays for sowing.

Of course Belle and I are with them in spirit!!!!

And I forwarded the Birthday Wishes to Sam’ email so I’m sure you’ve all caught up with each other by now.
What a surprise to hear from you Steve as we lost touch when your family moved away many years ago.
Of course I will never forget you and I’m glad you have such wonderful childhood memories of us and the Orchard.
Your favourite chocolate cake is baked by Ruby these days; there will always be a slice waiting for you, and of course this is where you became hooked on Beer Bread.
You and Sam loved the frothing as you poured the beer into the flour mixture.
Oh gosh I’m walking down memory lane once again and it’s a wonderful feeling.





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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

I am overweight and have tried all diets but nothing works.

The Doctor has told me I’ll soon be a diabetic if changes aren’t made to my eating habits.

Can you help as I’m determined this time to get the weight off but don’t know where to start?

The photo of me was taken last week so you can see exactly how big I am.


Aunty S responds

My darling girl what a battle you are having.

I will be your ‘email support person’ and don’t you worry this time the diet will work.

You are a beautiful girl who has just lost her way in the food aisle of life.

I will teach you how to shop correctly and which aisles to stay out of!!

The fact that you love fruit and veges is such a bonus as all meals will revolve around them.


I took a while to edit this for publication so I am pleased to report that this gorgeous girl has already lost a stone during the first month of  ‘eating well ’ and she looks absolutely fabulous!!!!

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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My son is overweight and won’t do anything about it.

He’s fourteen, lives on biscuits, chocolate, and chips and has frozen fried hash browns or frozen chips and fried chicken every night for tea.

He insists on deep fried food and won’t eat anything else.

Our other children are of a normal weight but they enjoy farm life while our son hates it.

He has a high cholesterol level and is borderline diabetic.

My husband says I am too soft on him but I feel he is too hard.

What can I do?


Aunty S responds:

Oh my giddy Aunt.

Are you having me on???

He either eats what the family eats or starves and I can assure you he won’t starve.

You are raising a self-indulgent defiant boy who will end up growing up into a horrible man if you don’t make changes now.

And you are very fortunate to  live in a part of the country with no Dairy or Take-away shop so  there is no worry of him sneaky eating during  weekends.

Every school day check his bag to ensure he hasn’t stocked up on rubbish whilst at school.

For the life of me I can’t work out why you have a deep fryer in your kitchen as they are an unhealthy relic of days gone by.

Please cut the cord off it and stick a plant in it.

As you do the shopping  once a month…..don’t put biscuits, chocolate, chips, frozen hash browns, frozen chips etc in the trolley.

You have enabled him for so long so of course it’s going to be a difficult journey weaning him off rubbish but he’s worth it.

When you have calmed down after reading my response,  do contact me if you need support…I am only an email away my dear.

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Happy Birthday Sam!

My boy turned 22 yesterday!

Under the cover of darkness, a friend ‘ballooned’ the letter box the night before!



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July 16



Kowhai tree in flower – in July! How ridiculous! Spot the wax-eye!




Lugs enjoying the heat of the day



Sam busy at work



Ruby busy in the herb garden


Lugs, back inside in his favourite place – on top of the sunroom couch.


My garden is coming alive – and it is only July!! ahah!!!



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Easy Banana Dessert

images-52Easy Banana Dessert

½ tspn cinnamon & 1 Tb brown sugar mixed
1 ½  cups plain sweetened yoghurt
3-4  large sliced bananas

Divide bananas into 4 bowls.
Pour yoghurt over top of each bowl.
Sprinkle with a mixture of ¼ tspn of cinnamon and 1 dessertspoon of brown sugar and as an extra you can add a small handful of chopped nuts.




Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My daughter wants her boyfriend to stay weekends in her bedroom because she says they already have sex so there’s “no big deal.” They are both school students.

They are sixteen and my husband and I disagree when it  comes to what we should do.

He says let him stay and I say no.

What do you think?


Aunty S responds:

Your house, your rules!

And what in heavens name is your husband thinking when he says that this is appropriate!!!

They are kids!

The boyfriend will move on or may be your daughter will move on to another sexual partner and are you going to let her have a parade of boys in her bed??

When she is grown up I can guarantee she will be disgusted with you both for not setting boundaries.

I’m afraid I have many stories in my head from girls who never recovered from their parents lack of parenting.

When she leaves home she can have sex with who ever she wants.
Whilst under your roof please provide her with a safe moral environment.

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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My sister-in-law is a pretentious snob who wears designer clothes, drives the latest model car and has a house in a snobby part of our town and everything she owns is charged to the house mortgage.

Her husband, my brother-in-law, is in debt allowing her to live her dream.

He is now demanding that his parents pay off his mortgage as he says this money will come to him anyway when they die so why not earlier!
They are in their early sixties and both are in perfect health.
And they will have to take out a mortgage to cover their son’s mortgage.

They are considering it, as they want him to be happy.

My husband has tried talking to them but they refuse to listen as they are blinded by their devotion to their elder son.

What’s your opinion?


Aunty S responds:

Oh my giddy Aunt Betsy.

Your in-laws would be foolish to bail their son out of debt as it is highly unlikely the marriage will survive hence the daughter-in-law will walk away with half the value of a debt free house which of course is their money.

Their son, Mr Dimwit, will also make a financial gain and  I can’t see him returning the money to Mum and Dad anytime soon.

As you have explained the family lawyer is a trusted friend so take the initiative, ring him, and tell him what’s going on.

If he can’t make them see sense, nobody can.

Thank goodness you married the common sense brother. I’d be kissing the ground he walks on and baking him his favourite cake everyday if I was you.

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Nostalgia (Sam’s Favourite Song)

I will always miss Shari Lewis. The pleasure she gave children and their parents throughout the decades is simply immeasurable.

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Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

I am a widow and am so lonely.

My adult children live in Australia and they have asked me many times to move over to be close to them as they live in the same State and my son has a granny flat that is mine if I want it. They all own their own homes and have good jobs.

My work colleague tells me not to be so silly as they have their own lives and that they are only asking me to go as they feel obligated and I would only end up being a nuisance.

What should I do?


Aunty S responds:

Oh what a little treasure your work collegue is!!!!!

A nasty woman who is obviously jealous of the fact that you have such a wonderful family and furthermore her crystal ball is inaccurate!

Your three kids sound lovely and they genuinely want you near them. The fact that there is a Granny flat is such a bonus.

You sold the family home a while ago when you first thought of going but of course that move was put on hold because of you believing the nonsense spouted by your work colleague.

Life can change in a heartbeat as I very well know and we can either sink or swim and some days it is very hard to keep swimming, as we just want our old lives back.
I know the sadness my darling.

I live harmoniously with my three adult children so I know it can be done so book your flight and start a new life in the land of Australia.

I wish you all the best.