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 To our dearest Kimberly (Kimmie)

   Happy 21st Birthday

               You have been a special family friend since your birth and I have watched you grow up to be the fine young woman you are today
The world is a brighter and nicer place with you in it.
You are loved by us all and we wish you happiness always.


         Love from Sandra, Sam, Ruby & Aunty Belle

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Autumn Photos

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Words for Teenagers

Words For Teenagers:
Judge’s Advice From
1959 Featured In a School Newsletter



Words very relevant to present day.

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Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My partner wants us to marry and I don’t want too as we are happy the way we are.
I think she wants this because the kids would look cute as flower girls.
How do I make her realize we should carry on as usual?


Aunty S responds

Sometimes I feel just a wee bit too old for this world.
In my day you married first and then had the kids and now it seems men can have their cake and eat it too.
You have a de-facto wife and beautiful children and the fact she wants to legalize your marriage should be taken as a compliment because she loves you enough to want a commit to you.
Think it over.

Ask Aunty S



Dear Aunty S

My boyfriend doesn’t wear deodorant and smells terrible and our friends don’t invite us out to their places anymore as they are sick of smelling him.
He has a shower every night and morning so he isn’t unclean, he just suffers from BO.
How do I approach the subject with him?

Aunty S responds

We all have known a stinky person at some stage in our lives and it can turn your stomach.
If he is sensitive, buy him some Brut deodorant and tell him you just love the smell of this deodorant on a man.
If he isn’t sensitive, tell him he stinks and everybody is sick to death of the pong so use the Brut before he runs out of friends.
Over and out.

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Busy times

First off, apologies for not posting Aunty S correspondence over the past month or so; although I have responded to all letters privately but just haven’t had the time to edit the answers and post them!
Actually I posted one a minute ago; a problem that many have written in about.

And yes Bob, I will ‘get my act together’; and no I don’t have a magic wand so as to find you Miss Perfect.
Maybe you are looking for love in all the wrong places!!
Buy a dog and enjoy country walks until Miss Right comes along!!
And also Bob, you will always be broke if you continue to spend forty bucks a night on booze and takeaways.    What ever happened to having a meal of fish n chips once a fortnight?  Gosh I am showing my age, as this is what we did in the ‘olden days’.
Fried steak and a salad is a quick meal and not very expensive.  I have sent you a recipe for a salad that will last you a few days and a few other quick healthy meal ideas.

Thanks so much for all the support that has come in via email for the young man who stayed with us whilst recuperating from a harrowing bullying experience.
I have passed on all the best wishes to him and the disgust and horror you all feel as to what he’s been through.  Your support is very much appreciated.
We are in everyday contact and I am pleased to say that he is happy in his new job and has made great new friends.

This age thing is catching up on me well and truly as a few years ago I would have been able to sit up till midnight tapping away on my laptop but not now.
In my defense I will be 60 in November so of course I should be slowing down and taking it a bit easier.  I was always told that the jump from 49 to 59 happens in a heartbeat.
How right you all were!






Dear Aunty S

My five-year-old daughter has spent every Sunday with her paternal grandmother since she was three years of age, as I believe it is vital for her to have a relationship with her only grandparent.

My daughter revealed to my husband and I recently that grandma always says nasty things about my husband and I and asks her questions all the time about us and she is now refusing to visit her. She is adamant and my husband backs her.

My husband was always against these visits, as he has nothing to do with his mother because he grew up with gossip and trouble making and doesn’t believe she is capable of change.

I am confused, as I still want my daughter to have a relationship with her grandmother.

How do I convince my mother in law to behave when my daughter visits?


Aunty S Responds:

Oh my dear.
I’m afraid your husbands approach is the best for all concerned and from the added information you have given; if you do insist on your daughter seeing her;  you must supervise these visits and never for a minute leave your precious daughter alone with the witch.
Your husband got out of that family with his sanity intact, quite a remarkable feat I think.
Furthermore do you really think your mother in law will take kindly to you asking her not to say nasty things about you and your husband!!
That will really end well!!!
I’m nearly sixty darling and I’ve met all sorts of witches through out the years; some look so sweet until you catch them out on a lie or vicious behaviour and then the venom pours out of them like a runaway fire hose.
Remember…  “Tis better to be a live chicken than a dead rooster.’
In other words, pick your battles, as some battles you know you will lose so don’t start them.
Being a chicken and a live one at that has worked well for me so far in life.
I would love a world where everyone is kind and honest but it isn’t going to happen.
Your darling daughter is surrounded by love; she doesn’t need to be exposed to nastiness as she will see enough of that in life when she is all grown up!
Keep being a wonderful wife and mum.


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