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Trans Fats

So what is trans fats you ask?

Trans fats raise your bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and lower your good (HDL) cholesterol levels.

Eating trans fats increases your risk of developing heart disease and/or having a stroke.

Trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil through a process called hydrogenation, which makes them solid and less likely to spoil.

Using trans fats in the manufacturing of foods helps foods stay fresh longer hence the foods have a longer shelf life.  Actually they will outlive you!  Oh yippee…

Another name for trans fats is “partially hydrogenated oils.”

Look for them on the ingredient list on food packages.

Scientists aren’t sure exactly why, but the addition of hydrogen to oil increases your cholesterol more than other types of fats.

It’s thought that adding hydrogen to oil makes the oil more difficult to digest, and your body recognizes trans fats as saturated fats.

Commercial baked goods — such as crackers, biscuits and cakes — and many fried foods, such as doughnuts and frozen chips — may contain trans fats.  Most margarines are high in trans fat.

Basically processed goods should always be suspect so check the labels.

Before 1990, very little was known about how trans fat can harm your health.

But during the 1990s, research began identifying the adverse health effects of trans fats.

It was absolutely devastating news for mankind that this man-made rubbish, for want of a better word, was introduced into the food chain.

Of course some food manufacturers would rather you not know this fact.

Research the subject; don’t just believe what I am saying.

“Foods with trans fats” is a good phrase to put into Google search.

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After the snow





Here’s a photo of Sam filling in a giant pothole that rapidly increased in size after the snow, ice and rain.

He says he nearly lost the truck down it!!


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Winter has arrived!

Alex died eighteen months ago today, 24 June 2013.

There are no words to describe how I feel.

But I am so fortunate to have a  very close family.

How absolutely sad it is for those who are all alone, with no children or grandchildren handy.

I count my blessings everyday.

It’s 5am as I write and I can feel the cold air wanting to push through the glass doors and engulf me.  ah ah.

Sam has both fires roaring so the house is nice and cosy.

I won’t be venturing outside today until it reaches at least two degrees.

We missed the snow which has affected so many during the past few days.

My heart goes out to the poor farmers trying to keep their stock alive or rescue them from huge snow drifts.

I can only imagine the stress they are under trying to keep the animals alive, whether it be rescuing them from snow drifts or basic feeding out.

I  have been affected by weather conditions many times during my twenty-two  years here on the Orchard.

One year when Sam was a toddler and Ruby a baby in the mountain buggy, we had a nasty snow storm.

The  weight of the snow split many branches and threatened many more.

Alex’s job was to knock the snow off the trees and my job was to cut the split branches before they took more of the tree out.

Aunty Belle was in the old orchard vehicle wrapped up in blankets.

I can still see her grinning from ear to ear as it was such an adventure!!!!

Sam had his own stick and and would whack anything in sight. His bright yellow coat enabled me to keep track of him.

A rain cover over the buggy  kept Ruby safe from the snow that would spaspodicaly fall in her direction every now and then.

She smiled and laughed the whole time.

I think Sam posted a photo of  Ruby and I  taken during this time on his blog or his nostalgia photos recently if my memory serves me correctly.

I must find it…



Thought Provoking Quote

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Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My best friend of nine years stole my boyfriend off me and now six months later he has dumped her.

I spent five months getting over the betrayal of both of them and now she wants to be my best friend again.

What should I do?


Aunty S Responds:

Quite frankly my dear I cannot believe that you would even contemplate taking her back as a friend.

Thank goodness you wrote!

With dignity make it clear to her that she is in the past and you have no intention of ever trusting or confiding in her again so from this minute on she must never phone, email, pat your dog, utter your name in public, glance in your direction or park her car within 100m of yours because quite simply the friendship was over the minute she slept with your boyfriend and that is all there is to the matter.

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Honey Roasted Veges Recipe



500g of combined raw veges:







2tb Olive oil

2Tb Honey

1Tb Balsamic Vinegar


Mix the above 3 ingredients together.

Cut veges into chunks and toss in the mixture.

Bake 180C for 30-35 minutes.

Serve hot or cold.

Great with a salad.

If you are feeding a tribe, double the recipe.

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Oregano is easy to grow.

The plants grow best in full sun, and a well-drained soil and withstands droughts.

Water at least once a week during dry weather.

Pinch back the growing tips of the plant, to promote bushier growth. Pick flower buds as soon as they appear. The leaves turn bitter after the flowers bloom.

I use fresh oregano mainly in my bolognaise sauce.

It is my favourite herb and our garden is full of it.

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How True



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