I received an email a few weeks ago from a very distressed woman who asked if I could assist her in working out exactly what she was allergic to as she believed her recent headaches were diet related.
Prior to her even giving diet a thought, her GP convinced her she must have something sinister and insisted she see a specialist in the area he believed was relevant to her symptoms.

Well to cut a short story even shorter; it was the new brand of coffee she was using!
She had decided to go for the more expensive brand thinking it would be better for her than good old Greggs!

It was a simple solution but she still visited the Specialist basically to tell him she was cured!
He agreed totally.

How many people go through invasive tests only to find out that it is simply diet related??
Obviously there are those who are not so lucky.

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4 Responses to Coffee

  • Doug B.:

    Cheese gives me migraines. Just thought I would let you know that.

  • A,D:

    Oranges react really badly with me. It took me two years to work that out.

  • Dave:

    Kumara does it for me.

  • J.P.:

    Chocolate gave me migraines and I was sent to a psychiatrist after about a dozen visits to the doctor.
    I thought he was going to admit me as he kept telling me it was in my head. An elderly aunt finally put me right and I was pain free within a day or two. The psychiatrist denied it was the chocolate and I despise him to this day. This happened in the 1970s.