My Dear Friend Sheryl

As my 59th birthday is creeping up on me I am reminded of the time when my dear friend Sheryl and I were in our twenties and we were talking about how we would feel when we reached the old age of 40!
How perceptions of old age change as one ventures through the time spectrum.
Four years ago Sheryl died very suddenly and even now I think of her everyday and wish she was here so we could laugh and cry together as we did all those years ago.
Here is a photo of Sheryl.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Isn’t she gorgeous even though this photo was taken when she was over 40!

Sheryl 001

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One Response to My Dear Friend Sheryl

  • Sue P.:

    Your friend Sheryl looks lovely
    This is how I feel when I think of my late best friend. We laughed and cried as well and I have never found anyone special enough to replace her.
    But to be honest I have never actually tried.