Labour Weekend


What a week we’ve had!

Last weekend was huge as our dear friend Anne stayed for a few days and she, Sam and Ruby had such a wonderful time.

I love hearing the excitement of young people having fun.
It was so nice to catch up with her.

An extra pair of hands certainly helped with the earthing up of some of the spuds. 
Anne had never done this before so she had an absolute ball!

She also had a wonderful time target shooting with the kids.
They had such great fun shooting up an old plastic container!
Sam is a very responsible shooter so the girls were under his strict supervision the entire time.
Sam has taught many a person how to shoot.

Anne had the best kind of personality for a Psychologist and if ever she sets herself up in Private Practice, I will recommend her services to everyone as she is very wise for her years; honest, reliable and just ever so lovely and natural. 

Having Anne as a friend has made me remember a girl I knew many years ago. 
Her mother had harped on to her about becoming a Psychologist throughout her entire secondary education so she just accepted that this was what she’d do.

Her Dad came to me and asked me to talk her out of it as she had the wrong personality for the job.
Education was free back then and I knew she would get bored with it part way through as she was a very young 17 year old. 
No crime there.

As predicted, she opted out after a few months much to her mothers disgust.
She went overseas and came back many years later, a mature young woman.
She was then ready for Psychology.

It is a costly lesson these days as kids are lumbered with a student loan and if a mistake is made one must bite the bullet.

The point to all this is to let our kids follow their dreams and not ours.

And if they do make a mistake with their career choice, don’t turn it into a big deal.  They feel bad enough!

Anyway back to our great weekend.
Rach, her hubby and their two wonderful country kids popped in as well for a visit. It was so good to catch up with them.

We also had Sam’s mate Bob pop in on Monday and they spent the afternoon catching up.

The highlight of the afternoon for us all was an outrageous phone call that was so ridiculous that we all thought it was a hoax! but sadly it wasn’t.
The older I get the stranger some people seem.
In the old days, honesty was a done deal with most people but now this virtue is becoming more rare.

What a great invention a speaker phone is because without it we wouldn’t have had our afternoon entertainment.
I remember my first speaker phone about 26 years ago.
It was like something out of the “Jetsons”.
And who would have guessed all these years down the track we would have cell phones, txt messaging, emails, computers for work and school,phone banking, internet banking etc…. ah ah the Jetsons are real……

Oh and then during the week our old friends Bruce and Barbara popped in.
How nice it was to reminisce about Alex and share our own personal memories of our great guy.

Thank God for good friends.



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