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Dear Aunty S

My long-term boyfriend drove me out of my hometown after I became pregnant.

He told me he wasn’t ready to be a father and started a cyber hate campaign telling his 500 plus Facebook friends, who all lived in our town, telling all that he wasn’t the father of my child and blatantly lied saying there were many others who could be the father.

The majority believed his vile accusations and made my life unbearable so I moved to Australia where wonderful friends were waiting to support me throughout my pregnancy and devastation.

My child is the spitting image of my ex boyfriend who still denies paternity.

He refuses a simple test, which would definitely prove otherwise, but of course he does not want to lose face with his Facebook friends.

His parents know the truth and visit my parents for updates of their grandchild.

They never once believed their son’s false accusations against me but found it too difficult to refute his claims publicly.

My ex and I are not teenagers; we are in our thirties, should anybody reading this assume we are silly teenagers.

I could have coped and would have stayed if I had only my ex to battle with.

Sadly the gullible Facebook friends did the majority of his dirty work and made my everyday life hell in our small town.

As my business was built on honesty and integrity it suffered because of the cyber harassment with my ex boyfriend’s business thriving due to the sympathy he was offered from his friends.

My life has changed forever.


Aunty S Responds

My darling girl, how strong you are.

Thank you so much for sharing your painful story as I know this will give strength to others in a similar situation as many others have written in with similar stories which they have asked me not to publish as they are so embarrassed by their plights.

You, my dear, know fully well this is not your shame.

The shame belongs to your ex and his ‘band of followers’.

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6 Responses to Ask Aunty S

  • K.M.:

    Thanks for having the courage to tell of your ordeal with your ex.
    My daughter was in a similar situation with no happy ending as her ex partner and his friends wore her down.
    After two years she is just coming right but will never return to New Zealand.
    She lives with our other daughter overseas and we visit twice a year, as the journey to the Northern Hemisphere is just too long for us.
    I will get my daughter to read your letter as I am sure she will feel less alone by reading it.
    Thank you again.

  • T.I.:

    You are such a strong young woman.
    I cried when I read your story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Wendy:

    Thanks for sharing your personal story. This will help others in the same situation and I am sure there are many.…………

  • Peter:

    You are very courageous.
    Your account shows the power of cyber harrassemnt.
    I am ashamed to say until now I have never given the topic any thought.
    Thanks also goes to Sandra for enlightening me.

  • A.P.:

    I cried when I read of what you have gone through.
    Your home town sounds like a nasty place which you are better out of.
    Enjoy your child and stay in close range of your Australian friends as they are your diamonds.

  • Nat:

    You have opened my eyes to the dangers of facebook.
    I will keep a closer eye on my kids from now on.