Cyber-bullying 3

I have been asked to explain a bit more about our personal cyber-bullying predicament so here’s a bit more background.

But first off I must say, please don’t go on the Bullies’ Facebook page to refute what they are saying about us as they will just turn on you and so will their ’band of followers’ and then I will be sick with worry as to what havoc they will wreak upon you.

I love you all for wanting to help in this way and I will never forget your kindness.

Ok now I will explain a wee bit more on their cyber-bullying.

Sad to say we were also bullied via TXT, email, cell and phone messages with Sam and Ruby bearing the brunt of it.

Fortunately all this data was ‘saved’ so we have a complete trail of the harassment/bullying/intimidation.

Furthermore we have video clips; with sound; taken on our Orchard with one clip in particular clearly showing bizarre, intimidating behaviour towards Sam and Ruby, with an irrational voice message left on Sam’s cell a minute later!   This incident defies logic!

All who have seen this video and listened to the rant are shocked by the enormity of their bullying tactics.

The Bullies’ version of events to their ‘band of followers’ and in the public arena doesn’t quite correspond with the actual facts!

What a surprise?

Two of their ’followers’ have recently defected and can’t apologize enough.

And now the bullies have told their friends on Facebook that we are stalking them!! And some believe them!!!

My kids were stalked and we have the proof!

This cyber/social bullying is a smokescreen, which the Bullies created to detract attention away from themselves, over an entirely different issue, and it’s failing miserably as more and more are questioning their motives.

At times I feel as though I’m in a B Grade comedy movie, made in some faraway land!

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7 Responses to Cyber-bullying 3

  • Joanne D:

    Hi Sandra

    Thanks for simplifying what bullying really is as I’d never looked at it that way before. My son was bullied and I know I handled it wrong.
    I will be sharing your blog with friends.

  • G.J.:

    Hi Sandra
    Keep strong Hobbs Family.

  • Steven:

    Hi Sandra
    You stay strong girl.
    We will be up to see you bringing venison in the next week.
    Remember food solves all worries.

  • Angela:

    I was cyber-bullied but didn’t realize it as I had no idea there was a term for it.
    Moving away was my only option as I became worn out from the lies that went with the bullying.
    What you have written will help people especially your description of a bully. That was spot on.

  • Dave's sister:

    Hi Sandra & Family
    We were sorry to learn that you are being cyberbullied.
    What cruel people they?
    Dave gave me a bit of background and words fail me.
    Stay strong and if there is anything we can do, let us know.
    Dave says he has heard a few phone calls from the woman in the past when he was staying with you and it was pretty obvious what she was up to.
    This is a time you must be glad about being a little bit hard of hearing. But then again you’ve always worn that badge like a medal of honour.
    Love to you all.

  • Linda:

    My niece is being cyber bullied and my sister told her the sticks and stones theory which made her more depressed.
    I passed on your blog post and she now realizes how serious it is so will talk to our local policeman as he is, as you say, approachable.
    Thanks Sandra.

  • Liz:

    My fifteen-year-old son is being cyber bullied and I thought it was similar to school bullying which is bad enough.
    After reading your cyber bullying and harassment postings, I went onto his cell last night and found over a hundred bullying TXT messages, then I went on to the bully’s Facebook, and I was shocked at what he’s posting about my son. He has 400 followers who have been told the lies.
    I took your advice and contacted the local policeman and he will be talking to the parents of the boy, and today I will be meeting with the principal of the school both boys attend.
    I have been told this boy goes from victim to victim and nobody has ever done anything about it. He goes after any type of personality where he isolates and attacks them. My son is victim number seven that I know of.
    My husband and I are on board now and we stand together on this.
    Thank you.