Wedding Anniversary

To celebrate my 22nd wedding anniversary, Sam and Ruby put up bird netting over the cherry trees today while I made a head-start on patching up the holes in the nets.
Belle was sitting in her comfy chair supervising us the entire time!

Two Starlings were eye balling me the whole day.
If I could understand bird-speak I’m sure they were saying, “Leave a few holes for us to fly through!! Come on Sandra! You know you want to!”

I am absolutely shattered tonight; hence I am writing this from my bed where I am propped up by pillows to stop my head from falling over!
We are all having an early start at 5:45am tomorrow and hope to have all the nets repaired by 9am.
Our early cherries are just starting to colour up so the bird scarer and the birdshot will be deployed!!!
As an orchardist I have never tire of hearing the sound of bird scarers echoing throughout the Valley!
It actually doesn’t take long to get used to the sound.
It’s a bit like living beside a train track; after a while you don’t notice the trains!

Will post photos of the nets (and the bird scarer!) tomorrow.

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